In order to work successfully with the company’s questions regarding digital presence and identity as well as trademarks, it requires a great understanding in many areas with different characteristics, such as technology, law, domain names, security and others. The management of these questions can be perceived as complicated as it involves different units within an organization. These are faced with the challenge of trying to find an arena for co-operation as the differentiation of responsibilities within the company many times is difficult to define. The challenge becomes even greater when working with multiple suppliers for the various questions and service areas.

By partnering with Excedo we offer the ability to centralize all questions within the service areas that we work with. The result is a simpler and more trouble-free overall solution for our customers. With our team of experts combined with our global network of partners, we can offer solutions to international businesses. We take full responsibility and help initially in all matters relating to the analysis of the current situation and the move of services as this is often the biggest challenge initially. All work is carried out within our project management and control and we ensure that no downtime occurs. In addition to the initial phase, we work actively as an advisory and managing partner to our customers for the services that we deliver.

Our Full-Service solution