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monitor and protect your brand
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Premium Anycast DNS

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All the world's top-level domains in one place


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Our Services


We offer companies the possibility to centralize all their domain names and we manage the consolidation projects. Additionally, we offer the possibility to register domain names in all of the world's top-level domains and we ensure that all domain name questions are managed according to the strategy we help to develop. We protect your company’s interests online through our specialization in different types of monitoring- and legal services within the domain name area.

Premium Anycast DNS

We offer a Premium Anycast DNS service that is delivered across a global network and infrastructure. This ensures maximum availability of all online resources and ensure that your business always is reachable online. With the combination of security aspects such as DNSSEC and protection against attacks your company will benefit from a reliable service. You can manage your company’s DNS yourself or outsource the DNS administration to us.

SSL Certificates

We deliver solutions from leading vendors of digital security products and can help your company to choose the right kind of security product for each specific need. Through our expertise, we facilitate the process of issuance and installation and we always monitor the period of validity of the products and ensure that no renewals are missed.


We offer companies the possibility to protect their trademarks nationally and internationally through trademark registrations. In addition to registration, we also handle all matters related to trademarks before, during and after a registration. We also offer monitoring services for traditional trademarks in order to help your business identify real and potential infringements, where we assist you with necessary counteractions.

Advisory & Management

We work as an advisory and management partner to our customers for the services that we deliver. Through our expertise and industry experience we can provide the right kind of support in each phase of the co-operation, whether it concerns matters of strategic and advisory nature or ongoing administration and management. We help our customers to free up time by allowing us to do what we do the best.

Why choose us?

Our combined industry experience within the field enables us to deliver the right services and support in all phases of the cooperation.
Customer focus
We work with customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs and deliver them with high a degree of service level.
We focus on delivering industry-leading technical services to create safety and security for our customers.
We offer complete solutions in the areas of domain names, premium DNS, security, technology, legal and consulting.
We offer services both on a national and international level and can assist clients either ourselves or when necessary through our global network of local partners.
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